Occoquan Challenge - September 29, 2002, Sunday 11:30 - 3:00pm
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Welcome to the Challenge on the Occoquan!



On behalf of all the volunteers and staff we would like to invite you to participate in this year's Occoquan Challenge. The Challenge is unique in many ways. It was first to design a course that allows all types of racing shells to complete a race track circuit without stopping. This design not only provides for a great deal of excitement to the traditional head race but allows everyone to clearly understand the results of the race as it happens!

The Challenge has led the way in many other areas including being the first to offer a complete registration process online(registration, waivers, payment), rewarding competitive participants with free entries and providing real-time results. It also not only awards custom medals to its winners but trophies for several of its events. The Challenge not only seeks to become the most exciting, best run race each year but to become a catalyst for growth of our sport. Each year the Challenge contributes most of its profits to a grant program that supports paddling sports throughout the region.

We hope you consider us when putting together your racing schedule!

The Staff, Volunteers and Friends of the Occoquan Challenge!

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