Occoquan Challenge - September 29, 2002, Sunday 11:30 - 3:00pm
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               The 2002 Challenge Foundation Grant Program


Funds also used to support the 2002 regatta volunteers:

               The University of Delaware Men's Crew Team and Hylton High School Crew Boosters


                                              Finalists for 2002 Challenge Foundation

Clear Lake Scullers

Row New York

Capital Rowing Club

Chicago Youth Rowing

Concord High School Rowing Team


Dear Rowing Community:

At long last we have decided upon a winner. I would like to thank all of you for your interest and patience while we reviewed your applications. As I mentioned before, we have spent a great deal of time reviewing your applications.   Many long discussions have taken place amongst the board members and others in the rowing community in hopes of finding the program in which the Challenge Foundation grant will have the most impact.  All of your responses reflected the great interest your programs have for the sport and desire to see it grow. 

After a very close vote, the board decided that Capital Rowing Club , from Washington, D.C., had the proposal that most closely matched the goals of the Challenge Foundation.  The final decision came down the following:

1.) Reputation. Capital has an excellent mission statement and reputation in the community. You and other community groups are personally responsible for the bringing rowing back to the Anacostia   

2.) Community based solutions. Capital has an interest in using this grant to not only further their own program goals, but also bring in others from their community.   Again, we were particularly interested in seeing programs who intended to use funds to directly increase the number of rowers on the water. We believe that your proposal does the best job in getting the largest number of rowers on the water in the quickest amount of time.

3.) Value. Based upon the amount of money we intend to donate to the program, Capital offers the most. Our donation will be directly used to increase the numbers of rowers in our area.

The grant amount is based upon profits collected from the 2002 Occoquan Challenge Regatta and private donations.

Again, congratulations and good luck with your project!  


Warm Regards,


The Challenge Foundation Board Members