Occoquan Challenge - September 29, 2002, Sunday 11:30 - 3:00pm
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Note: All record holders receive free entries but MUST contact the regatta staff before September 1 to be eligible for free entries. Records holders will be required to pay in full after this date. If a record is broken the winner is then eligible for a free entry the next year of the regatta. If a race has not been held yet the first winner of the event for that year will be given the course record.

Events marked with "**", Novice, Mixed and Recreational events, do not qualify for free entries the following year.

You can look at the history of current and past course records by clicking here

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Event 1: Men's 1x

1a. Men's Open Weight Karl Sudar, PBC 16:49(2004)
1b. Men's Lightweight Tripper OMalley 18:06 (2010)
1c. Men's Junior Max Fowle, Christ Church 19:00 (2003)
1c. Men's Master AA Benjamin Kowalik , Capital Rowing Club 18:42(2005)
1d. Men's Master 30+ Dylan Cors, Capital Rowing Club 17:59 (2004)
1e. Men's Senior Master 40+ Ad Bax, Potomac Boat Club 17:18 (2004)
1f. Men's Grand Master 50+ Robert Spousta, PBC 17:29 (2004)
1g. Men's Veteran 60+ Duncan Spencer, Capital Rowing Club 18:57 (2004)
1h. Menís Senior Veteran 70+ Christopher "Kit" Collins Rivanna RC 19:19(2004)
1i. Men's Novice** Gary Moore, GMRA 18:43 (2004)
1j. Menís Recreational Jim Gieske, Unaffl 22:35 (2001)

Event 2: Womenís 1x

2a. Womenís Open Michelle Borkhuis, Potomac BC 18:28 (2003)
2b. Womens Lightweight Carol Dinion, OBC 19:49 (2010)
2c. Women's Master AA Lauren Pickens Waterways Center 21:19(2006)
2c. Women's Junior Abby Martin 20:29 (2006)
2d. Women's Master 30+ Kate Dowling, PBC 19:21 (2002)
2e. Women's Senior Master 40+ Gia Deangelis, Rivanna RC 19:10 (2005 )
2h. Women's Novice** Nicole dinion 21:08 (2006)
2e. Womenís Grand Master 50+ Anne Sudar, OBC 20:01 (2002)
2i. Womens Veteran Single 60+ Dana Perrone, TBC 24:20.35(2009)

Event 3: Men's 8+

3a. Men's Open Weight Naval Academy 13:37 (2004)
3b. Men's Lightweight University of Delaware 14:42 (2005)
3c. Men's Club Eight Open Open- Win it!
3c. Men's Junior North Va. Rowing Juniors 15:01 (2005)
3e. Men's Master Potomac Boat Club 15:10 (2006)
3f. Men's Recreational Eight** Prince William Rowing Club Inc 17:47(2005)
3g. Men's Novice Eight** North Carolina State University 17:07(2005)

Event 4: Womenís 4+

4a. Women's Open Weight University of Mary Washington 17:23 (2006)
4b.Women's Lightweight Duquesne University 18:52 (2005)
4c. Women's Master Annapolis RC 18:23 (2003)
4c. Women's Club Four Virginia BC 16:43(2010)
4e. Women's Junior Four Old Dominion Boat Club 18:42(2005)
4f. Women's Recreational Four** University of Richmond 22:32(2005)

Event 5: Menís 2x

5a. Men's Open Weight Occoquan BC- Barrett/Wenger 16:32 (2006)
5a. Men's Master Thompson DC- Nix/Bromley 17:19 (2005)
5d. Men's Junior Double Old Dominion Boat Club Lovo 18:13(2005)

Event 6: Womenís 2x

6a. Womens Open Potomac BC Madigan/Humblet 17:04 (2003)
6b. Womens Master Potomac BC Phillips/Cole 19:07(2005)
6c. Women's Junior Old Dominion Boat Club Finnegan 19:49 (2005)

Event 7: Menís 4+

7a. Men's Open Weight Naval Academy 15:03 (2005)
8b. Men's Lightweight Four Old Dominion RC 17:00(2010)
8c. Men's Club Four GMU Alumni 15:43(2010)
7b. Menís Junior Northern Virginia Rowing Club 15:53 (2002)
7c. Menís Master Capital RC 17:07 (2003)
8f. Men's Recreational Four ** Prince William Rowing Club 19:28(2006)

Event 8: Womenís 8+

8a. Women's Open Weight University of Mary Washington 16:35 (2005)
7b. Women's Lightweight Eight Old Dominion Boat Club 17:00(2005)
7c. Women's Club Eight Capital RC 14:56(2008)
8e. Women's Master Alexandria Community Rowing 17:08 (2006)

Event 9: Mixed Events

Mixed 2x ** Rivanna- Tatum/DeAngelis 16:53 (2002)
Parent/Child ** Virginia BC Georgiadia/Williard 18:19(2003
Mixed Eights ** Occoquan Boat Club 16:19 (2005)
9b. Mixed Four + ** Occoquan Boat Club 19:22(2005)